What Is A Colour Correction? Part 1 – Dark to Light

May 31, 2017
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What Is A Colour Correction? Part 1 – Dark to Light


How It Works & What You Need To Know.

  1. First things first, there are a few things you will need to consider if you are thinking of taking on
    a big change colour wise.
    Are you prepared to be patient and understand that colour corrections may need more
    than one sitting to achieve your desired result? Sometimes 2+ sittings are required if
    your base is a dark level going to a light level.
  2.  Are you willing to do the necessary care from home and use the recommended
    products or treatments that are vital to your hair’s process?
  3. Willingness to be honest with your stylist about any/all of your previous colour history.
    Whether it has been done from home or in a previous salon. As well as what
    shampoos and conditions you frequently use. It is so important to be upfront with your
    hairdresser to avoid any mishaps like skin irritations, breakage, chemical reactions or
    unexpected colour bands.
  4. Understand that any colour correction process is going to be an expensive one. Due to
    the fact that a lot more time, product and appointments are usually needed.

Now that you know the basic information before beginning a colour correction, are you committed to the stages?

A good example of a few different types of colour correction processes are the well known Kardashian sisters.
Kim famously went from her stark black hair to her icy blonde bob over night. This is a great, yet unrealistic example of how not to do a colour correction from dark to light. Such a dramatic alteration to the hair quickly drastically compromises the condition, strength and appearance of your hair. Long term issues include permanent damage (until dead hair is cut out), breakage and dryness. The picture included is a huge misrepresentation of the true condition of her hair.
Extensions and products disguise all the damage.


The next example I’d like to use is Khloe’s colour process. Unlike her sister Kim, Khloe took the right approach in slowly lightening her hair over a number of years. Yes, you will go through an in-between stage where you will not be 100% happy with the colour (might not be light enough or you may feel too warm) but know that you will get there eventually – and still have healthy hair left on your head! 


Be a Khloe, not a Kim! Listen to what your stylist is recommending for you, we only want the best for you and your hair. Next week will be Part 2 of Colour Corrections! I will go over all the basics for anyone who would be considering going from light to dark. Stay tuned!

– Shaylan Trask


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