Know your face shape & perfect look.

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Know your face shape & perfect look.


Understanding your face shape is the answer to all of your haircut queries… can I wear a fringe? Where should I part my hair? Should I layer? Can I do a short cut?

We are lucky at Zumay to be trained by one of Australia’s best, Lorna Evans. In her education classes she breaks down hair styling to six basic face shapes to create the perfect look for each individual.

Harper’s Bazaar is a stylist’s bible. They have recently released their hair tips for 2017 and the overall look is natural and fun.

At Zumay we would like to help you stay on trend but, before your cut and colour,  have a read below on how your face shape can enhance your look. When making your booking ask our Stylist to include a face shape consultation so that we can create your perfect new look for you in 2017!



Do you want to know why Charlize Theron looks good with any hairstyle? Yes, she has stylists and therapists at her disposal, but, it’s mainly because she has an oval shaped face! There really are no limits for people with this face shape.

DO: Grow out that shag and go for bronde – the overall beachy look is great for every day and can be polished for a great night out.



 The oblong face is longer than it is wider, therefore a fringe will help the face appear shorter. Alternatively, go for a side part to disguise your length. Natural beauty, Jessica Alba, is your best example for a great cut on an oblong face.

DO:      The hair flip will be huge in 2017 – go for the balayage and let those natural locks flow.



 A round face is full with no angles or points. If you have this face shape, like Mila Kunis, make sure you have sweeping side parts and fringes to cut down on the roundness. Alternatively, go for a centre part, which frames the face to lengthen the shape.

DO: Own the super sleek centre part – but, listen to the pros: straight and definied hair must be healthy, therefore keep up with those regular trims and use oils in between. We highly recommend a blend of White Sands Orchids Oil & White Sands Cure Serum



The square face is equal in length and width. A light fringe can disguise the squareness of the forehead, and softer styles disguise sharp angles. The celebrity that does the square face the best is none-other than Jennifer Anniston, who’s been setting hair trends for the better part of 2 decades now!

DO: Natural is big in 2017 – you’re the perfect candidate for flat waves



A heart-shaped face, which is longer than it is wide with the forehead appearing the widest part, often needs a sweeping fringe to minimise a broad forehead while chin length width adds to a narrow jaw line. Reese Witherspoon owns the long hair version of this look, while Scarlett Johansson is growing out her 2016 pixie cut to perfection.

DO: Keep the hair height minimal as too much height at the crown can make the heart shape look top heavy.



Shine bright like a diamond! Rihanna knows how to style her face. A diamond face is longer than it is wide and the cheeks are wide and high, therefore avoiding fullness at the cheeks is best. Busy hairstyles that crowd around the face makes a diamond shape more narrow. Rihanna has been wearing the high ponytail to perfection for some time now.

DO:   Add waves to your hair to break up the sharp angles.


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